disponible à Plage de Magaluf, Plage de Son Matias, Plage de Palmanova

UGS : ND Catégorie : Product ID: 2627


Pour les courageux qui aiment les sensations fortes et l’adrénaline, Flyfish est tout indiqué pour tester sa force. Un cerf-volant mi-volant, mi-flottant qui fera monter votre adrénaline

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Magaluf Beach, Palma Nova Beach, Son Matias Beach

5 avis pour Flyfish

  1. Louise Arquette

    I’ve always wanted to get on FlyFish when there’s wind so I can fly over the waves! It was great to balance and try not to fall into the water!

  2. Mia Evans

    My crazy boyfriend convinced me to try FlyFish! I tried my best to hold on, but I didn’t succeed and fell into the water. After I climbed again, I fell again. It was very funny!!!!!

  3. Jack Pinston

    Crazy! And I love it!

  4. Hassan Abdullah

    Extremely recommended!

  5. Wolfgan Müller

    Wie libten es! 100% empfohlen!

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